Yelp Marketing Checklist

Yelp Marketing Checklist


Learning how to effectively use yelp to market your business as part of the whole game approach to marketing will propel you to succeed with marketing!


Yelp is one of the leading online review marketplaces out there. Customers congregate to share their experiences, good or bad.


Online customer reviews and a company’s online presence are essential for digital marketing success. Start dominating Yelp with our Whole Game Approach to Yelp Marketing! 

The Whole Game Approach to Yelp Marketing

Effective Yelp Marketing will power your sales every month by driving customer volume.


More people will begin to share their experiences with your business, and it will start to spread from there organically.


This, in effect, multiplies your initial effort by getting customers to market for you. The approach we just described is the whole game approach to marketing.

#1 ~ Own That Listing!

The first thing you want to do when setting your page up is to make sure you are listed as the business owner.


Nothing else can really be done to support your page until this step has been completed. You need to contact the customer service team and submit an application to Claim the business listing as your own.


Ensure that you have documentation to support your claim as the customer service team will require you to upload them before giving ownership of the business page to you.


Once this has been completed, you can move on to the next step

#2 ~ Break Out the Camera!

Think about the last time you looked up the reviews to a new business you were considering. What stood out to you the most?


Did you find yourself looking at the pictures?


Most people look at a few reviews from customers and then look at the pictures listed along with the company.


Companies that have professional quality images showing their business are perceived as being more worthy of trust by varying consumers.


If you do not already have some professional-quality photos of your business, go ahead and get those taken.


Then when they are developed, upload to your business’s page. This single step alone can massively shift the customer’s perception of a business.

#3 ~ The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Reviews are important for any business!


It is important not to ignore any negative posts. Sometimes they are from customers who would be impossible to satisfy.Other times they have a real problem you may not have been aware existed.


Responding regularly to negative reviews can make negative reviews have a positive impact on people’s perception of your business.


If the company is seen as being engaged with their customers’ community and responsive to complaints, it humanizes the business and makes people feel it is more trustworthy.

#4 ~ Stay top of mind

The worst thing you can do is go through the whole process of getting everything on your page and then completely ignoring it afterward.


The best business pages are kept relevant by regularly updating them with announcements or new promotions.


This is a great place to include some information to incentivize new customers to stop by. You can include codes for new coupons if new customers make a purchase.

#5 ~ Evaluate & Improve!

Yelp offers a multitude of data through their analytics platform, as well as your customer reviews.


Make sure to set aside time every week and evaluate what your customers are telling you! Are they happy? Frustrated? Yelp will tell you!


The best thing you can do for your business is to continually improve. Take your feedback to heart!

Why Yelp Works

Yelp is so important for businesses because it creates a natural way for customers to interact with other customers. Yelp is built for consumers, but businesses that take advantage of their Yelp profiles stand out above the rest!


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